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Post  sheibakelly on Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:42 am

Okay, where you wondering if our Forum name was realted to the new movie that came out called "Cats vs Dogs, the revenge of Kitty Galore"? And, guess what the awnser is? NO!!!! I started this site in May if I remember well! And, that movie was no't even being announced.

So, if you think we copied our name of that movie, it's a big "No"!!! My best friend asked me and I told her no. Then, I din't wan't someone messaging me every day about the name and movie. Mad

Our name comes from nothing. I'll tell you how we found this site's name. The kitty part, well, I wanted to do a website about cats and I found the word Kitty is cute to represent cat. And, the Galore part in our name, well, it popped up in my head while I was thinking of "Kitty". Lol. That's basically how I found the name. I was sure Galore was a strange word, so I researched and I found, if I remember (I was bad memory -_-;Wink it means, lots of a thing. So I found that name perfect.

Please understand and don't ask me that in a message.

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