Favorite Animes/Mangas and Characters

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Favorite Animes/Mangas and Characters

Post  sheibakelly on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:39 am

Well, I wanted to see all the animes and Mangas people like since, well, then I might watch or read it it! lol, anywase, I'll tell you my favorite Animes/Mangas:

Manga: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Favorite Character: Fai/Fay D. Fluorite(What ever way you wan't to write it).
Comments: I must say that this is my favorite ever Manga. But, I din't like the anime very much.

Anime: Tokyo Mew Mew
Favorite Character: Kisshu! ~
Comments: This anime is sooo good! ^^ My favorite anime. But, for the good guy's team, it's Ichigo my favorite. But, on the top of the top, it's Kisshu.

Anime: Code Geass
Favorite Character: Lelouch Lamperouge(I think that is how you spell it Question )
Comments: A very good anime! I love how it is done and how it ends. I think there will also be a seson 3... (I'm pretty sure)

Anime: Wolf's Rain
Favorite Character: Toboe
Comments: I loved the hole story. But, I hated the end! Mad

Hum... yup... that is about it for now. I wan't to know your favorite Anime and Mangas plus your fav character! ^^ Have a great day! cat

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Favorite Animes/Mangas and Characters

Post  blackivy on Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:24 pm

My favorite Manga is:

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

and my favorite characterd from that manga are:

Kamui and Kurogane


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