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Post  sheibakelly on Mon Sep 20, 2010 5:35 pm

Now, this is a contest that I know everyone is capable of doing if they just try.

The Dedication contest's basics are simple. Advertise, be active, be helpful. Make some link-backs, show the site to a friend, be nice to people and newbies!

The Dedication contest is judged by both Sheiba and I and will go to the member we think deserves it most. The winner will be chosen sometime next month, so everyone has time to get off their booties and start helping! Very Happy The prize will be a lot of fishies, and a new, soon-to-be released cat. :3

- if you get banned or a warning at any time, you're instantly disqualified.
- sometimes you can get bonus points by simply doing a good deed for a person.
- no begging or bribing the admins for them to pick you.

This was written by Emma

My Note: Get as much members on Kitty Galore that you can and, get a chance to win!!! (List us the people you refered! cheers


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