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Fruits Basket

Post  sheibakelly on Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:12 pm

Does anyone else read this awsome Manga and Anime?

I got Blackivy into this! xD I firstly when't on a little trip to school shop and, I ended up buying the first 2 books of Fruits Basket. Then, I realy liked them. My mom, a couple of weeks later bought the 2 others since she whent in a bigger town , and, bought the 2 others. I lent them to Blackivy and, she fell in love with the books. We watch the Anime and Manga.

It's about a Family, called the Sohmas, and they are cursed by the Zodiac animals. So, there is 12 people that can turn into there animal, including the cat. The cat isin't a Zodiac animal since he missed "God's Banket because of his neighboor, the rat. He got fooled by getting told the banket was the day after tommorow and, it was actually tommorow. So, the cat missed the banket." And, each time the people get hugged by people of the opposite gender, they turn into there Zodiac animal. Or, if the get weakened. It is a great story that is rated +13 and is a Romance and Comedy. I consider you guys to read it.

The only problem I got is that I must order them online! Sad So, it coastes me twice the price since the shipping. Mad We don't have them in our book store and I tried to order it from the store system, but, there wasen't it. There was only the 23rd book. So, I will order them from "Tokyo Pop" website probably.

Anywase, my favorite character is Kyo Sohma and he is the cat. Here is a pic:

I do no't own it! Copyright (C) to the owner.


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