Kitty Galore's Rules

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Kitty Galore's Rules

Post  sheibakelly on Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:59 pm

In order to use Kittygalore you must agree to and uphold the following rules or your account will get blocked and deleted.

1.No swearing! And, you canno't replace the words with astrerics
2.No racism!
4.Be polite to staff!
5.Do not spam.
6.Do not abuse the PM system.
7.No harassing other players.
8.You canno't do anything to make another player feel bad about him/herself or anything mean to them.
9.Advertisement is only allowed in the special board I will create in the forums. And, do no't repeat advertisement twice.
10.YoU ARe No"T AlLoWeD TO TaLk LiKe ThIs anywhere. Even no't in the singatures. If you do, I will ban you.
11.You must obey to mods and respect them.
12.If you post a picutre in the forums and take ownership of it when you don't own it, you will get banned. It is against the rules taking owner ship of other's work. Did you know if you did that, you can even go to court!?
13.Please, avoid Caps like, if you are mad at someone, don't WRITE THERE MESSAGE LIKE THIS!
14.Please, if you write in the forums, don't use to bright colors.
15.You may NO'T sell or trade in the forums or anywhere else on the website where you are no't allowed. Also, on our shops/trade board, only trade items for our website or, give free art you made. Do that somewhere else you are allowed.
16.You may no't make a a post or thread anywhere on the website that was created to start a little war are no't tolerated and is considered trolling.
17.In the forums, stay on the topic of the post please. If it's about cats, don't talk about what you will do tommorow.
18.You are only allowed 1 account.
19.In the forums, don't chat speek to much. A little is alright, but don't fload it. It is allowed in the private messaging system if it doesn't bug the member. But if it does, you better stop or he will tell me.
20. Do no't steal our stuff! It is us and only that we are allowed to use. If we give something for you guys to have, you may use it anywhere but you can't make money out of it.

If you break one of these rules, you may get a warning before you get blocked deppending on what you do.

Remember, it's no't only the mods jobs to make sure everyone follows the rules. You may also help! It would be greatly appreaciated! Very Happy

But, the most important rule is to have fun!

Thank you ,

P.S: If you find someone breaking the rules, just send me a private message please!


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