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Post  sheibakelly on Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:30 am

Are you having a problem with them? Where here is a little of help! ^^

Well first, if you wish to attach it to your post, under your text box, you have options. One says "Attach singature", well, check that one.

If you wish all your posts to have a singature, go on "Profile"(Wich is the little man up there for the navigation) then, once you are on the page, you should see an option that says "Preferences". Click on that as well. Now, Check "Always attach my signature" and "yes". There you go! It should display on all your posts from now on!

If you hadden't check marked 'Attach to all posts" before you posted, the singature will no't pop up unless you go on all the posts and go under the text box and check "Attach Singature". If you have check marked "Always attach my singature" before you posted anything, it should pop up on all of the ones you had put "Attach singature" on. Confusing heh?

Okay, now for the images. I had a little problem with that. If your image won't pop up and stuff, put the little picture option up there right under "Title of the topic" and as you see, there are lines. Move 4 then, 2 icons, wich should bring you to a little photo. Click that and insert the url. You may do it from scratch but for some reason, it might no work. Shocked

Anywase, I think that is all. If you have any questions that are unawnsered about singatures, please post in the help section and I will be glad to help you! ^^


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