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Sheibakelly's Contests

Post  sheibakelly on Mon Sep 20, 2010 5:27 pm

Hello! ^^ This is Sheibakelly here! I will be hosting some contests for the website as well. They will end at mostly, the end of the month. Also, we have topics and prizes!

Cat of the Month:This is the Cat you will be able to win if you win first place. You will also get the prize money

Topic of the Month: This is where the Topic Will Be


I will also be hosting a Writing contest.

-The entry must be over 200 words
-You must have good grammar and spelling. Only a couple of errors are allowed or you will be disqualified
-You may write it in the form you want. (Like, First Person singular or plurial or, like an information story, more like an essay)
-Plagiarism is no't allowed.
-The site rules apply to this as well

First Place: 500k
Second Place: 350k
Third Place: 100k

Song Contests

Write a song about the subject!

-You must have creative ideas
-The song can be written in any way, like, funny, sad or even happy! What ever mood you would like
-Plagiarism is no't allowed
-You must have good spelling and grammar
-The site rules apply to this as well

First Place: 250k
Second Place: 150k
Third Place: 50k


Have fun! ^^

Also, don't forget to check out Emma's Contests and, Dedication Contests


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