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Post  sheibakelly on Tue Aug 24, 2010 5:20 am

Hey everyone! ^^ We are currently under revamp so, if you need to speech with other members of Kitty Galore, do it here. Or, you can be here for fun! ^^

Please understand, we are only renovating for the good of the members so please, stay with us! We are trying our best and doing the re modling as fast as we can! We need an artist before starting the big renovations but we must also fix all the spelling errors. She is caled Emma and she will be are corrector. So if you see her, don't forget to thank her!

Anywase, yup, that is all for now. Please do no't ask to be mod in the new Kitty Galore or ask when the renovations will be completed. I will just ingore you message but, here is what I say now: They will be done when they are!

Thank you


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